Royalty Free "Newspaper Cartoons" in Desk Top Publishing!

You want your documents to have impact. Two things matter - form and content. Form (or design or layout) is largely up to the designer or more often the DTP program's predesigned styles. Content is the important variation you can make.

Newspaper style cartoons are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your content. Our philosophy is that if you wants to get people's attention then make them smile! Just think - what's the one section in a newspaper where everyone stops - the cartoon page! Now you can add this sort of content to your newsletter, flier, advert, promotion, brochure - what ever you are doing - royalty free!

Each Make 'em Laugh cartoon collection are loosely grouped for home, business and lifestyle. So it's easy to get an appropriate joke to go with your subject matter. For the series 1 collections there's also a manual that illustrates all 1000 cartoons available so you can find the right cartoon quickly!

Make 'em Laugh Cartoon Collections

Just import the TIFF images directly into document, add a border if you like, size it correctly and there you have it! It couldn't be easier. And surprisingly low prices make them affordable (often less than 5 cents a cartoon).

So if you have a CD driveCD Logo and if you use any Desk Top Publisher such as greenstreet publisher, Pageplus, Microsoft Publisher, Quark Xpress, Corel, Ventura, Pagemagic, TurboPublisher, Master Publisher, Publish-it or PageMaker on IBM PC or Apple MAC platforms then these cartoons are a must!

We have more detailed technical information on the cartoons or lots of ideas of where to use them.. If you would like pricing or buy information

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