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Make 'em Laugh Cartoons are royalty free for non commercial applications which is most of what you might want to do. This section gives you some guidelines as to what this means!

Our cartoonists earn most of their money by selling cartoons to newspapers and commercail users for loads of money. Often over $50 each per usage. And you can buy a 1000 unlimited usage for less than that? So we have to protect our sources revenue stream or no more cartoons. So here goes (sorry if this is a little too serious! We'll get funny again soon)

What you can do!!

When you buy one of our CDs, Make 'em Laugh Ltd. gives you permission to copy Make 'Em Laugh! Clipart Cartoons ("Cartoons") for your own internal use on one computer only (but click here for details of network and site licences) only on the terms and conditions contained in the Licence Agreement.

Make 'em Laugh gives you permission to incorporate and distribute Cartoons duplicated in their entirety (i.e., as a complete comic strip or cartoon panel, un-edited) as an incidental part of any non-electronic product or collection of products which are distributed commercially (i.e., distributed for profit, such as a newsletter or general business correspondence); provided the use or distribution of any Cartoons does not constitute a substantial portion of the value of the goods distributed commercially.

You may resize the Cartoon up to a maximum of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Increasing the size of the Cartoon beyond 8.5 inches by 11 inches is an illegal use of the Cartoon.

For instance, you may incorporate Cartoons on:

  • a greeting card which is sent to your clients, but you may not sell these greeting cards to another party because then the value comes largely from the Cartoon illustration;
  • a newsletter/magazine, whether it be for internal distribution or sale, as long as the value of the newsletter/magazine comes from its contents and not the Cartoon(s);
  • a letter you are sending, but not as part of a company logo or part of the logo/identity of a company-sponsored event;
  • a flier you are publishing to announce an event as long as the Cartoon is attracting people to read about the value you are offering and not endorsing the event or product;
  • as part of a company logo, on a poster, hat, T-shirt, mug, pen, etc. for personal use or for a similar commercial or promotional product provided it is produced in a maximum quantity of 1000 pieces

What you CAN'T do!

Here's the alternate list of what you can't do. If you buy our cartoon CDs you:

  • may not be distributed in any way as part of a software product or an electronic document or collection of documents without written permission from Make 'em Laugh.;
  • may not be transmitted electronically by any means whatsoever including over the Internet, any telephone line or on any wide area network or on-line service;
  • may not in any way convey endorsement of a product, service, person, or company;
  • may not be printed on a poster, hat, T-shirt, or any product which is to be sold to another party or given away in quantity totalling over 1000 units without written permission from Make 'em Laugh;
  • may not be copied in any way, in full or in part, for distribution or resale where the Cartoon is the primary value of a product;
  • may not be displayed except in its entirety (i.e., only as a complete comic strip or cartoon panel, un-edited);
  • may not be edited, either for illustration nor copy, in any manner except for format and resolution changes;
  • may not be morphed, transposed, distorted, or changed in any manner because this may damaging to the copyrighted property.

If you have doubts about whether you are using a Cartoon legally under the terms of our Licence Agreement, please fax Make 'em Laugh immediately (North America fax (612) 768 7258 or internationally +44 01480 467454) giving details of how you plan to use the Cartoon and the quantity involved. We will try to review it and give you a written reply within five business days. Please include your name, return address, fax number, and phone number and if you are a non profit organization or registered charity (include the registration number) in the fax. We'll update this page with answers to any common questions or requests we get.

To review the actual terms of our licence (these are long documents)

Licence Logofor the USA while for

Licence Logo Europe and the Rest of the World.

The license you get with the product you buy governs legally what you can do.

We apologize for being so serious! Pleasae use our cartoons to have more fun!


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