Multi User Site Licences. Licence Logo

Make 'Em Laugh cartoon licences grants you the right to use the cartoon collections on one computer, or CPU (central processing unit) only. However, we realise others in your home, club or office will see how much fun (and more profitable) your fax cover sheets, correspondence, newsletters, and other communications are because of Make 'Em Laugh! They'll want to be in on the fun too.

For this reason, we offer low-cost, multi-user Site Agreements for each of the products in the Make 'Em Laugh! family. Only by owning this software under one of our Site Agreements can you legally copy and use the Cartoons on additional computers. To purchase a Site Agreement for you or your company, fax us on (612) 768-7258 or in the UK fax 01480 497458 or email us at and ask for a Multi-Site licenced agreement. We will fax or email back or send you a Site Agreement for you to complete and return to us with the licence fee. That's all you need to do!

Without a Site Agreement, the cartoons may not be loaded onto any kind of computer network. Please contact Make 'Em Laugh. directly with any questions you might have about our Site Agreements.