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Make 'em Laugh CDs are all formatted as IBM PC CDs but can be read on most Macintosh Computers. If the Make 'em Laugh CD won't read automatically on a MAC you will need to check in your extensions folder for two files, High Sierra file access and ISO 9660, in order to read any PC formatted disc or CD.

The following MAC packages have been tested with the TIFF format cartoons and import them successfully:

PageMaker, PhotoShop, Freehand
Works, MacWrite, ClarisDraw
Word, Powerpoint
Quark Xpress

Some programs may need additional software to read IBM PC format files. For additional help loading cartoons into MAC application!

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Please note this list is not exhaustive. If you have tried other Software packages that work with our cartoons or if you would like us to list your Software then please email us at

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