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There are a thousand uses for Make 'em Laugh cartoons. Here are some ideas:

  • Fax headers - Would your audience read the fax with the joke first?
  • Birthdays - add a party flavor to invitations and menus with cartoon illustrations
  • Newsletters - add a cartoon to give that professional look and feel, and get more of your audience to read it.
  • Flyers & adverts: Put a cartoon in your flyers and ads, then they'll read your message - and be much more likely to remember it.
  • Office memos - get their attention with a cartoon
  • Retail store front or Point of Sale messages - add a cartoon and really get your offer noticed
  • Manuals or documents boring - liven them up with a topical joke
  • Office Notices - get that No Smoking or Wash your Hands message across humorously
  • Presentations - a joke might wake your audience up and a laugh certainly will
  • Certificates - add a new angle by including a relevant cartoon; we've over 1000 to choose from
  • Business cards - they'll remember the one with the cartoon!
  • Greeting cards - add that little extra touch to home produced personalized greetings cards
  • Letters - writing to a friend; brighten their day with a cartoon in your letter
  • Banners - welcome them home with a laugh
  • Want kids attention - they'll actually stop and read a cartoon!
  • Invitations for a fun day out - set the scene for a joke on the invitation
  • Garage Sale or Car Boot sale - get the buyers at your sale
  • Club notices - if you want a lot of people at your next club event then add a touch of humor to the notice!
  • And lots lots more.......


We want your ideas too and any examples of unusual usage. So if you have some better ideas why not email us and tell us about them. We'll update this list when we get them!!

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