Great Cartoon Collections to buy and use forever!

Make 'em Laugh offers Great value cartoon collections

Where do our Cartoons come from??

Our professionally drawn cartoon collections on CD contain high resolution scans of the images as TIFF files that will print at an exceptionally high quality. Just load these in to any applications that imports TIFF images. Most Software that handles images can load TIFF files.

And if you buy on line you only get web ready images in GIF format of the same cartoons reduced in size ready to appear on your web site. These can be copied directly onto a web site and are accessible to all web browsers. (NB; these GIF images are not on the CDs and are only available if you buy on-line.

You can use these cartoons in thousands of ways in your document. Laughter is the very best way to get people to look at what you do. So the cartoons will get people to read your document be it newsletter, ad, flier or whatever. When you get attention then you get results. We've got lots of ideas on how to use the cartoons and we'd like more!

Just have fun with them. Use them in home produced greeting cards, newsletters, family correspondence or any thing you do where a laugh will brighten some one's day! We hope you can make computers that little bit less serious!

And we want you to have more fun without getting complicated. So the cartoons are royalty free for non-commercial applications. That means that most things you do are legal. If its for home, club or office use anything goes. We provide more detail if you want to use them on products and you should read more information on some limitations.

We think that laughter is good for you. Many doctor's recommend laughter as a good tonic and there's scientific evidence to back it up! So if we bring a smile to some one's face we're happy. We also have a few high brow quotes and comments on laughter.

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