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So what's the difference between a toon and a cartoon I hear you ask? Well a Toon is a full newspaper cartoon often with a caption. A Toon is a cartoony piece of clip-art you can use just like any clip-art. And their all in color!


So what do you get.

  • Over 2500 really high quality toon clips.
  • 3 different file formats for each image!
  • MAC & PC implementation.
  • EPS file for use on the MAC
  • WMF files for use on Windows 3.1 and later (some files supplied as BMP too)
  • GIF files for use on your web site!
  • A full browsable index of all the toon clips (just point your internet browser at it)
  • AND a FREE copy of NETSCAPE COMMUNICATOR┬«!, just in case you haven't got a browser yourself (certain use restrictions apply - see readme.txt file on the CD

MAC Product Support Make 'em Laugh CDs are all formated as IBM PC CDs. So on a MAC you will need to check for two files, High Sierra file access and ISO 9660, in your extensions folder in order to read any PC formated disc.

You can use these cartoon clips in thousands of ways in your document or web site. bring a little lightness into your documents is a great way to get people to look at what you do. So the toons will get people to read your document or web site be it newsletter, ad, flier or whatever. When you get attention then you get results. We've got lots of ideas on how to use the toons and we'd like more!

Or just have fun with them. Use them in home produced greeting cards, newsletters, family correspondence, web pages or any thing you do where a fun graphics will brighten the page!

We want you to have fun without getting complicated. So the cartoon clips are royalty free for non-commercial applications. That means that most things you do where the cartoon is not the primary value of a product are legal. We provide more detail if you want more information on what you can and cannot do.

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