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Make 'em Laugh provides royalty free cartoons you can use just as you would ordinary clip-art. Our philosophy is that if you wants to get people's attention, apart from giving away $100 bills, making them smile is the best medicine! All Cartoons are supplied on CD CD Logo for IBM PC and Apple MAC platforms. If you use Desk Top Publishers such as greenstreet Publisher, Pressworks, Pageplus, Publish-it, Master Publisher, MS Publisher, Quark or PageMaker then our cartoons are a must!

Laughter is the easiest and best way to get people's attention. And once you've got their attention you can communicate better. So our product could be the best investment you'll ever make if you want to communicate with any audience at any level. Or maybe you just want to have fun.

Our cartoons have previously been reproduced in many US Newspapers and Magazines including: Mccall's, Woman's World, Globe, National Examiner, Medical Economics, Home Life, Marriage Partnership, Catholic Forester, Phi Delta Kappan, Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, National Law Journal, Saturday Evening Post, Witt of the World, National Enquirer, Better Homes & Gardens, Diversion, Gallery, Glamour, Playboy, Handyman, Boy's Life, Diversion, First For Women, National Review, Bella, The Sun.

Each Cartoon placement rated a fee of $50 or more each time it appeared in the above magazines. So spend US$14.95 on 300 Cartoons and you get US$15,000 worth of content! It must be the bargain of the decade!

The cartoons are produced by well known American cartoonists such as Don Cole, Dan Rosandich, George Abbott and David Russell.

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