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Although our licence terms generally forbid transmission of Cartoons electronically, Make 'em Laugh are generally happy to offer all our users the ability to use our royalty free cartoons on their sites on the Web. However, we wish to prevent others selling or giving away cartoons (our copyright) over the Web - so the following restrictions apply:

You must own the Product
You must have your own CD Rom with the Make 'em Laugh cartoons. If you are developing your site on a network and others access them you may need our site licence to fully protect your rights to use the cartoons.
You can buy On-line
Buying on line has the advantage that you get GIF images that are web ready as an immediate download. Note that the CD versions do not contain the GIF images which are only available on-line! Buy on Line Now
Cartoons Must be Reduced Size!
The maximum resolution of cartoons offered on the Web is 72 dpi (or 400 pixels width).
You must acknowledge Make 'em Laugh
Each page containing cartoons must contain a statement as follows: "Cartoons curtesy of Make 'em Laugh; all rights reserved"
You may not sell the cartoons electronically or encourage people to download them without our permission and a licence.
We will offer licences to sell art over the net - contact us by emailing for more information. Or offer the CD products over the net by signing up as a retailer.
Please add a URL to take users to our site.
This isn't compulsory but we like it. And if you think our cartoons are nice why not share the information with everyone else. We recommend

Also email and tell us what you've done. If we like it and you provide a link to us then we'll add a free link to your site! Have more fun!

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