Free Screen Saver for Windows and Windows '95/98 users

Make 'em Laugh is happy to offer all our registered users a free screen saver. See 10 of our royalty free situation cartoons every time your screen goes blank. Worth a laugh every time you stop work.

To run the screen saver you need a version of Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95 or 98. The download is free and about 500k bytes. All you need to do is register first!

You may install the screen saver on any machine you regularly use but you may not give the screen saver to anyone unless they have registered on our site. Any attempt to commercialize, sell or distribute the screen saver in any other way will be a breach of our copyright. Downloading the screen saver acknowledges your acceptance of these conditions.

Very Important! If you register for our site your email address will be kept for our use only and will not be passed to any other organization. You will occasionally receive emails from us announcing major changes to the site etc. So please let us know who you are so we can make you laugh more often.

If you haven't registered yet why not do so now for future downloads and further information. Register to get your Screen Saver (no fee - this site is free)!

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