This page provides some technical information about FunnyFaces.

System Requirements
Windows '95, 98 and NT systems only.
File Formats
FunnyFaces saves faces in its own proprietary .FAC format. However, files can also be exported in Windows Metafile (WMF), CGM and GEM formats. Many other file conversion utilities are available to convert to other formats if you wish. You can also Drag and Drop faces to any Windows (95 or later) application that supports WMF drop.
Editing Tools
FunnyFaces provides lots of simple editing tools to let you recolor, mirror, skew or rotate your funny faces or any face part. So even after the 100 million changes you can still edit away - your imagination is the only limitation.
Screen Shot with more Tools information
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Further Editing Options
If you'd like to do even more to your FunnyFaces we recommend greenstreet Draw software as the easiest graphics software to use. You can drag and drop FunnyFaces directly into greenstreet Draw and use them in any graphics document you care to create. US products come complete with a free copy of greenstreet Draw's 30 day time limited edition.

To give you a better idea of what the FunnyFaces program does there is also a free demo available now. The download is free and about 500k bytes. All you need to do is register first! So, if you haven't registered yet why not do so now for future downloads and further information. Register to get your Free demo, Free Screen Saver and free sample files (no fuss, no fee - this site is free)!

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