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Here's a range of zany ant definitions from Hindustan thanks to (email them if you like) shiva and anuradha.

  • antecedent: ant's pedigree
  • antiquarian: ant born between Jan 21-Feb 23
  • antonym: homosexual ant
  • antacid: ant on high (also see antics)
  • antimony: money paid by estranged male ant.
  • antithesis: a Ph.D in antology
  • anterior: ant found in graveyards
  • antics: ant on high
  • banter: ants gossiping
  • canter: ants running
  • chant: ants at prayer
  • croissant: angry ant
  • esperanto: ant language
  • fanta: a jamboree of ants (or) an ant's favorite drink (or) an ant in need of ventilation (or) ant fan club
  • gallant: ant with chutzpah (aka cheek) (or) a French ant
  • gantry: ants in the construction business
  • inadvertant: ant featuring in commercial
  • incessant: tax paying ant (or) ant indulging in unnatural sex acts
  • jaunt: ants on a picnic
  • nascent: friendly ant (or) ant at inception
  • petulant: ant flowering
  • prudent: virginal ant
  • poignant: an ant in the family way
  • pant: a tired ant
  • saunter: ants ambling
  • ravissant: an ant in designer clothes
  • tyrant: a fat ant
  • want: an ant in need

What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant?
Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant Dead Ant Dead Ant (in tune please - from srj)

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