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And now for the "Barber" jokes

Customer: What do you have for grey hair?
Barber: The greatest respect sir!
Customer: How do I get a hair cut?
Barber: Try flossing with dred locks!
Customer: Now I've started to loose my hair the haircuts ought to be cheaper.
Barber: On the contrary, sir! It takes me longer to find them!
Customer: I'd like to grow my hair!
Barber: And how would you stop it?
Customer: How do I avoid falling hair?
Barber: I should jump out of the way!
Customer: What do you think of my new toupee?
Barber: I couldn't tell it from a wig, sir!
Customer: I've got lovely black hair running down my back!?
Barber: Pity its not on your head then!
Customer: Have you got anything to keep my hair in?
Barber: How about a shoe box?!
Barber: How would you like your hair cut sir?
Customer: Off?
Barber: Your hair's getting thinner!
Customer: Well who wants fat hair?
Barber: (holding up mirror) How do you like your hair cut sir?
Customer: Could you make it a bit longer at the back?

Girl to Boy: "So how do you like my new hairstyle?"
"Now you remind me of an Italian dish!"
"What, Sophia Loren?"
"No, spaghetti!"
"Remember, you told me to rub in the hair restored twice a day!"
"Yes. And did it work?"
"Not exactly. My heads still bald but I have to shave my hands every day!"
"They tried to fire this teacher at school for growing a long black beard!"
"Well, did they succeed?"
"No, they had to keep her!"

"And who was that blonde I saw you with on Thursday?"
"That was the brunette you saw me with on Tuesday!"

He's very sensitive about his hair. I don't know why, he hasn't got any!

Euphemisms for bald??
Bald as a coot!
Follicly challenged?
More hair on a boiled egg?

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