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How do elephants climb an oak tree?
They sit on an acorn and wait for spring!
How do elephants get down from an oak tree?
They sit on a leaf and wait for fall!
How do you get 4 elephants in a compact?
2 in the front and 2 in the back
How does an elephant get ready to go on holiday? (1)
He packs his trunk!
How does an elephant go on holiday? (2)
He takes a jumbo jet!
How do you get down from an elephant?
You don't - you get down from a duck!
How do elephants hide in a cherry tree?
They paint their toe nails red
Why did the elephant use the phone?
To make a trunk call!
Why can't the two elephants go swimming together?
Because they only have one pair of trunks!!
How do you hunt for elephants?
Hide in a bush and make a noise like a peanut
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