How to load Cartoons into WordPerfectTechnical Support

We have had a few enquiries about how to load the Make 'Em Laugh TIFF files into Word Perfect version 6.1. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to Graphics
  2. Select Draw
  3. Select File
  4. Select Insert File
  5. Select your CD ROM Drive and .TIF format
  6. Select Retrieve (choose a file to retrieve)

Note this method uses the filters supplied with WordPerfect Draw to do the importing of the .TIF files. If you have Perfect Office 3.0 you will need to install the "Presentations" application to get the same filters. The above method can then be used to import the cartoons.

Note - If Presentations is not installed, then the DRAW menu item is disabled (greyed out).

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If you have problems with the above please email us at

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