Another concession to popular Demand - "Yo Mama is...."

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Yo Mama is so Fat ....

  • People try to walk round her and get lost!
  • She walked past the TV and we missed the commercials
  • When people drive round her they run out of gas!
  • Whe she weras a red shrit people think she's the big apple!
  • When she fell over people cried 'earthquake'
  • Her prom date asked her why she was dressed in tires
  • She hitches rides in Dump Trucks
  • The creases round her waist have names!
  • When she jumps up in the air she gets stuck!
  • When she walks in high heels she strikes oil!
  • When she stretches its like a total eclipse of the sun!
  • When she steps on a scale it says "to be continued".
  • When she slapped her leg you jumped on to ride the waves!
  • That when she sat on a rainbow she made skittles
  • When she goes to the beach, she's the only one who get's a tan
  • She has more chins than a chinese phone book
  • Everyone can talk behind her back
  • They use the elastic in her underwear for bungy jumping
  • When her beeper went off they thought she was backing up.
  • She uses a paint roller to put on her lipstick!
  • She's on both sides of the family!
  • When she got baptized they had to do it at Sea World
  • People have to climb the Sears Tower to see over her

Yo mama is so stupid....

  • She thinks Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company!
  • She tripped over her cordless phone
  • She bought a solar powered flashlight
  • She sold her car to get money for gasoline!
  • She can't count past 10 with her shoes on!
  • She bought a solar powered flashlight!
  • If she tried to speak her mind she'd be speachless
  • She threw a grenade at me, so I pulled out the pin and threw it back
  • She tripped over a cord-less phone
  • She started putting lipstick on her forehead; when I asked what was she doing she said she was trying to make up her mind!
  • She tried to drown a fish!
  • She robbed a bank and forgot the money
  • She got locked in a bed shop and slept on the floor

Yo Mama is so Ugly ....

  • She looked under the bed and the boogie man said "OK, you got me"

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