Country and Western Vanity Jokes

Jokes for the vain among us!

People have been pricking the skin about their "vain" friends since time immemorial. So use these quick jokes to poke a little fun at your more conceited acquaintances. (Note, jokes marker * have been submitted by site visitors).

He's (or she's) so vain that:
He's planning to take his own hand in marriage!
He joined the navy so the world could see him!
His new book is entitled "Famous People Who Have Met Me"!
Half an hour after he left the bathroom, the mirror is still warm!
He has a mirror on the bathroom ceiling to watch himself gargle.
He believes in love at first sight, since he saw himself in the mirror!

"Tell me, Do you think I'm vain?"
"No, why do you ask?"
"Because people as good looking as I am usually are!"

What vanity makes them say?
"I am not vain, although I have every right to be!"
"He's more interested in himself than me!"
"I don't think I am particularly good looking. But then what's my opinion against thousands of others?"

A scientist was giving evidence at a trial. Asked to introduce himself he said "I am the greatest Scientist of my generation!"
"Surely, Sir you could give yourself a more modest introduction?", asked the lawyer.
"Sir, but I am under Oath!"

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