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So what does a boy have to do to get his first kiss; here's some short jokes on the subject!

Boy: "What would I have to give you to get you to kiss me?"
Girl: "Chloroform!"
Boy: "Darling, if we get married will you be able to live on my income?"
Girl: "Of course I will, Darling. But what will you live on?"
Boy: "Darling, you have an hour-glass figure"
Girl: "That's no reason to run hands all over it!"
Boy: "Whisper those three little words that will make me walk on air!"
Girl: "Go hang yourself?"
Boy: Will you let me kiss you?
Girl: But I have scruples!
Boy: That's OK - I've been vaccinated!
Boy: "If you argue with me once more I shall kiss you passionately"
Girl: "Oh no you won't!"
Boy: "Wow! Where did you learn to kiss like that!"
Girl: "I used to be a tester in a bubblegum factory!"
Boy: "Would you like to get in the back seat?"
Girl: "Can't I stay in the front with you?"

Then what do girls say to each other?

Alice: "What would you give a man who had everything?"
Emily: "Encouragement"
Alice: "John says I'm really beautiful"
Emily: "That's only because you feed his guide dog!"
Alice: "Well, Emily, my boyfriend has finally persuaded me to say yes!"
Emily: "So when's the wedding?"
Alice: "Who said anything about a wedding?

She was only the Architect's daughter but she let the City surveyor!

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